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“Boycott Big Meat” is a national consumer education and lobbying campaign to advance the transition away from today’s centralized industrial meat production to a system of organic regenerative pasture-raised and grass-fed meat production built and run by a diverse network of local and regional independent farmers, ranchers, processors, and retailers who are committed to:

• Justice, including fair pay and safe working conditions, for all producers and workers throughout the supply chain;
• Respect for animals and all natural systems, including water, nutrient, and carbon cycles; and
• Public health, through the production of drug- and pesticide-free meat and animal products.

"Boycott Big Meat" was launched in July 2020, with several partners, including Forward Latino, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project,, Regeneration International and the national coalition of U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal.

The campaign is endorsed by dozens of food, farm, climate and social and environmental justice organizations. View the full list here. If you represent an organization interested in endorsing the campaign, please email us and we will send you the sign-on form directly.

The COVID-19 crisis exposed as never before how our highly centralized industrial meat production system, dominated by a handful of huge corporations, exploits family farmers, slaughterhouse workers, and the environment—all while providing us with unhealthy pesticide- and drug-contaminated food. While the campaign is named "Boycott Big Meat," it's really about building something better. This is a campaign about taking back our food system from exploititve absentee corporations who care nothing about the communities where they locate their operations, and putting meat production back in the hands of producers who live in the communities they serve.

The #BoycottBigMeat campaign is hosting a series of panel discussions highlighting many of the issues that intersect with industrial meat production and the transition to organic regenerative agriculture. View upcoming events here.