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#BoycottBigMeat Video Series

Welcome to the #BoycottBigMeat Video Series. You will 

13 Reasons to #BoycottBigMeat

Consumers are key to building a better food and farming system. You can help by supporting farmers and ranchers who produce meat using practices that protect your health, the rights of food & farm workers, animal welfare, the environment, and climate stability. You’ll find these producers online, at your local farmers markets, through CSAs, and in your local organic retail stores. To buy direct from local producers of organic, regenerative pasture-raised and grass-fed meat and other products, use this mapTAKE ACTION: Demand a moratorium on new and expanding factory farms, and support the just transition to an organic regenerative food and farming system!


Why Are We Letting a Handful of 'Big Meat' Corporations Destroy Our Health & Communities?

This was a LIVE on Facebook presentation talking about the launch of our new campaign, #BoycottBigMeat. A special thanks to Forward Latino, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project, Dr. Joseph Mercola & Regeneration International for partnering with us on this campaign! Want to take action? Sign this petition: It’s Time for Radical Reform: No More Factory Farms!


Vegans and Vegetarians for Organic Regenerative Agriculture

Can vegans & vegetarians get behind a campaign to #BoycottBigMeat—if the campaign incorporates grass-fed + pasture-raised meat production as part of the solution? This conversation features the following guest speakers:

David Bronner of Dr. Bronner's
Ocean Robbins of Food Revolution Network
Elizabeth Kucinich, organic regenerative food/farming advocate
Sherri Dugger, executive director of the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project


How To Buy Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised Meats

Want to learn how to choose the best meat possible—for your health, for farmers & workers, for animals and for the environment? If so, this is your panel. 

Here's a list of the guest speakers:

Valerie Shannon, aka "Buffalo Gal" - The Money Creek Buffalo Ranch. Learn more
Chris Petersen, C&K Farm
Doug Darrow, Rapid Creek Ranch. Learn more
Greg Gunthorp, Gunthorp Farms. Learn more

Can the Green New Deal help end factory farming?

Learn about the potential of a Green New Deal to transform our climate-destructive, corporate-controlled, factory-farm food and farming system into an equitable family farm-based, regenerative system of farming and ranching. Our panel of Green New Deal champions will share their stories and discuss how you can become an advocate for a regenerative Green New Deal.

You’ll hear from:

Garrett Blad, Sunrise Movement
Seth Watkins, Farmers and Ranchers for a Green New Deal
Shawn Sebastian, People’s Action
Mackenzie Feldman, Data For Progress Fellow & Herbicide-Free Campus

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