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It's time for Ben and Jerry's to go organic

Companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks and Kirtland Organic (produced by Aurora for Walmart and Costco) misrepresent their brands as being healthy, sustainable and socially responsible.

In fact, these companies support a filthy dairy industry that relies on millions of acres of GMO animal feed, unleashes tons of dangerous pesticides into soils and waterways, is cruel to animals, and produces unhealthy dairy products.

It’s time for these brands to go organic.

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  • Author Julius Ruechel, who has been raising beef cattle on his family's farm since his start as a 4-H member, packs this handbook with everything a farmer needs to know, regardless of herd size and acreage, about how to raise, manage, and market grass-fed cattle. His advice and systems are applicable to the smallest backyard hobby farms as well as the largest commercial herds and ranches.
  • The Raw Milk Revolution takes readers behind the scenes of the government's tough and occasionally brutal intimidation tactics, as seen through the eyes of milk producers, government regulators, scientists, prosecutors, and consumers.
  • A cross-country journey depicting the unprecedented crackdown on farmers and consumers who grow, buy and sell food outside the regulatory system, and the creative and spirited opposition that is rising to meet it.
  • André Leu challenges conventional farming methods by refuting the myths that surround the use and understanding of pesticides. He exposes the dangers of these chemicals and advocates organic practices as the most viable for farming in the 21st Century.
  • The CAFO Reader is possibly the most powerful indictment of factory farming ever compiled, with essays from 30 of the world's leading experts. It also offers a vision for a food system that leaves behind the horrific 20th century model of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.