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Healthy Raw Milk
Real raw milk, produced under healthy and sanitary conditions, is full of anti-microbial and immune-supporting components, as well as beneficial bacteria for easier digestion, but farmers producing these healthy foods continue to be targeted under outdated assumptions about public health.
Recent studies have declared raw milk to be a safe, low risk food, and consumption of raw milk and dairy products is growing significantly while sales of pasteurized milk continue to fall.

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  • The Raw Milk Revolution takes readers behind the scenes of the government's tough and occasionally brutal intimidation tactics, as seen through the eyes of milk producers, government regulators, scientists, prosecutors, and consumers.
  • A cross-country journey depicting the unprecedented crackdown on farmers and consumers who grow, buy and sell food outside the regulatory system, and the creative and spirited opposition that is rising to meet it.
  • Dr. Schmid chronicles the role of milk in the rise of civilization and in early America, the distillery dairies, compulsory pasteurization and the politics of milk, traditional dairying cultures and the modern dairy industry. — SALLY FALLON, author of Nourishing Traditions and President of the Weston A. Price Foundation
  • The Raw Milk Book
    What you REALLY need to know about our most controversial food. Finally, a serious and candid conversation about raw milk, unlike any that has ever occurred in the many years since raw milk became a subject of contentious debate.