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Dear Hillary: Do the Right Thing

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Since launching our petition (on July 8, 2014) asking Hillary Clinton to “Dump Monsanto, the signatures and comments have been pouring in.

From Arkansas, where Clinton lived in the governor’s mansion. From New York, where she was a senator. From Iowa’s corn country. From the Gulf of Mexico and the Lone Star State.

From the Midwest and from sea to shining sea.

Consumers and voters are weighing in on Clinton’s pact with the devil (Monsanto), on their shock that she supports the Monsanto Empire, and on their determination to never vote for anyone who places a higher value on corporate profits than on public health.

But the number one recurring comment is this: Please, Hillary, do the right thing.

Whether you’re a Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or Republican, man or woman, young or old—if Hillary decides to run in 2016, you’ll have to choose.

And if the signers of our petition are any indication, voters won’t choose a pro-Monsanto, pro-GMO candidate.

Here’s just a smattering of comments posted to the petition.

“If you love your future grandchild as much as I love mine, you will stop supporting/consuming GMOs. “- Kyle Rean, Honolulu, Hi

“This is really high on my priority list. I will be incredibly disappointed if I cannot vote for Ms. Clinton due to Monsanto.” - Shayna Bower, Conway, Ark.

“Hillary, you NEED to listen to the PEOPLE. Monsanto and its economy-crippling stranglehold of toxicity needs to go away. And YOU need to clearly and concisely BREAK your ties to these "criminals." Most of the rest of the world has this right- NO MONSANTO!” - Cathy Lady, Old Picacho, N.M.

“I want to vote for Hilary in 2016, but this is a VERY important issue to me & I hope she will no longer support these big food & chemical companies.” - April Buck, San Marcos, Calif.

“I can see myself voting for Hillary, but how can I when she supports such a disturbing and destructive force to our way of living!? It's truly disappointing that voters struggle to actually feel good about our choices for candidates in all political votes!” - Heidi Krummert Roanoke, Va.
“Hillary I love you but you must side with the American people, not Monsanto! You wouldn’t feed Roundup to your grandchild, right? Don’t feed it to ours.” - Sara Livingston, Providence, R.I.

“As a Laboratory Scientist, I recommend you re-consider your position on GMO's. Before I knew this about your support of GMO's I would vote for you for President - unless you change your position I will not.” - Jeanne Marion, Newfane, Vt.
“Ms. Clinton, I am so ready for you to be the first woman president of the United States, but I and many others will not vote for you if you continue to support Monsanto's GMO non-labeling agenda.” - Jeanne Lorentzen, Marquette, Ill.

“Get rid of Monsanto publicly or I go to Bernie Sanders with my vote.” - Sharon Cali, Escondido, Calif.

“I ask that you side with the people and not the corporation The issue of GMOs and GMO labeling is very serious. Stand on the side of truth and health.” – Adrienne, Portland, Ore.

“Oh, Hillary. I was going to vote for you. This has made me realize I had better pay closer attention to where you truly stand on important issues. Please don't let me down!” - Stephanie H. Hunt, East Aurora, N.Y.

“I’m disappointed in your decision to back GMO agriculture. I’ve changed my opinion on how intelligent you are.” - June Huchingson, Detroit, Mich.

“Dear Hillary, Polls suggest that up to 93% of Americans support GMO labeling. I'd like to see you as the first female president of the United States. However, I won't support a candidate that refuses to support the will of well over half of the American people. Please change your position on GMO labeling and don't accept support from any corporation that is against it. This is an issue that is really heating up in our country and you don't want to land on the wrong side of it.” - Kimberly Alcazar, Seattle, Wash.

“We the American voting citizens don’t want GMO and roundup poison in our homes or in our schools. Get rid of the toxic waste you’re passing off as nutrition or we'll get rid of you by using our votes at the polls and our money for non-GMO products.” - Mary Drake, Abilene, Texas

“My formative years were at a time when we accepted every. 'new and improved' product and methodology with trust, and a sense of progress, but mounting evidence shows that the huge experiment on the environment and consumers that is GMO is having very serious deleterious effects and needs to be terminated. Our family looks very favorably upon your potential candidacy except for this issue. I realize it can't be a simple, nor efficacious move to undertake, to cut ties with such a huge and financially powerful corporation, but we, the people, need a champion, and that would be for whom we would vote.” - Wanda Turcotte, Wakefield, N.H.

“You have lost my vote. I can no longer vote for people who support Monsanto and the rest of the corporate elite.” - Regina Hagberg, Salem, Ark.
“Are you really serious? As a "leader" you support Monsanto???? The maker of poisons that are killing the bees, and contributing to Autism??? You are supposed to "serve and protect". Do YOU eat non organic food?? Wake up Hillary. No one wants poison in their food...and I don't want YOU leading us to our deaths! Stop the madness! Stop supporting Monsanto.” - Patricia Morrison, Des Moines, Wash.

“I would vote for you if you took an environmental stance.” - Lorna E Ross, Sandpoint, Idaho
“Hillary Rodham Clinton has shown her true colors, and I am utterly appalled. It makes me sick to see a so-called democracy selling out to corporate greed and corruption with human lives as collateral. This is America dragging the rest of the world into the Dark Age. I have been waiting a long time to see Clinton nominated for the presidency, but there is NO WAY I would consider voting for a candidate who is Monsanto's pocket, or that of any other corporate interest that holds environmental and human health in utter disregard. SHAME!!!!!” - Claudia Rullman, Leverett, Mass.

“Please be a leader and break ties with corporate sponsored government.” - Mary Darlington, Pottstown, Penn.

“We need to stop modifying crops. By modifying them with chemicals to make them tolerant of weed and insect sprays, Monsanto is causing irreparable harm to humans and animals that live near these fields. I personally have been diagnosed with Environmental poisoning due to the inhalation of chemicals sprayed on these fields. Not being able to breath is not a problem I should have for living in the country.” - Sandra Loucks, Greenfield, Ind.
“Shame on Hillary. I thought she was way smarter than this.” - Shelia Given, Ruskin, Fla.

“The public has negative perception because GMO foods can be harmful to human health over time. Look at the scientific research and stop shilling for a monster corporation with no ethical credibility.” - Melia Shell, Hendersonville, N.C.

“As a democrat, I will not vote for you if you run for president if you do not take a stand against Monsanto and GMO foods. I will have to vote independent.” - Eliza Rayner, Boulder, Colo.

“One of my biggest concerns is what GMO's and Monsanto have done to our food supply, which in turn, determines our over-all health and I am determined to see the use of these poisons banned from the USA like in other countries. Its a HUGE issue for me in whom I will vote for. PLEASE listen and help us.” – Sandra, Hammond, La.
“Madame Secretary, as a registered Democrat in Florida, I will not be able to vote for you, should you choose to run for president, if you do not make it unmistakably clear that you support GMO labeling, and would not sign any legislation designed to impede state or local efforts to require such.” - Geoffrey Roth, Parrish, Fla.

“I know Chelsea would not eat GMO food!” - Jacqueline Moore, Denver, Colo.

“Signing on behalf of our 12 family voters and 4 children who all urge you to take a stand against GMO's for our health and the environment.” - Suzanne Ferroggiaro and Family, Grass Valley, Calif.

“This is going to truly hurt your run for becoming president. Anyone who tries to blindfold the american people like you are doing with GMOs doesn't deserve to run our country.” - Cindy, Kaukauna, Wisc.

 “As a mother of three small children and a very concerned citizen I would strongly urge you to do what's right for the health of our county. Monsanto and the other BIO companies along with yourself are very well aware that what they are doing is wrong, hateful & greedy. Please do what is right for the human race not what is beneficial to the BIO companies bank accounts.” - Desiree, Mohnton, Penn.

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