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Get Ready for World Food Day Actions 10/16/11

Time to start planning our Millions Against Monsanto World Food Day actions!


We want to build on the success of the March 2011 Right2Know Rallies and hold even more Rallies for the Right to Know on World Food Day, October 16, 2011.


Successful Right2Know Rallies can be big or small, everything from a permitted event with hundreds of people gathering at a state capital to a few friends throwing together homemade signs, grabbing their clipboards and petitions, and heading with some fliers to the local grocery store to talk to shoppers about genetically engineered foods. Successful Right2Know Rallies engage, involve and inform people, adding to the number who know about genetically engineered foods and are willing to voice their support for mandatory  labels.


Step #1 - Help your congressional district chapter get 2300 signatures on the Millions Against Monsanto petition for mandatory labels on genetically modified food. You can distribute the petition online or by printing it out:

Step #2 - Declare your targets. Which local decision makers need to get a copy of your Millions Against Monsanto petition? Scroll down for ideas.

Step #3 - Plan your action. The basic components of the events on Sunday, October 16, 2011, should include an announcement of the number of petition signatures you've collected, who the petition is being delivered to and why. If Sunday isn't a good day to deliver the petition, you may also want to make a public event of the petition delivery on a weekday before or after the 16th. If you need suggestions or assistance getting started, please feel free to email

Step #4 - Spread the word. If you are planning an event, please be sure to email us all of the event information so that we can help you promote the it in your area. Email: 

Step #5 - Tell the media.  Get the word out and start a buzz in your local media outlets.

Find media contacts here. And here are Press Releases to use as an example.





Targets of the Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

  • Politicians who should support laws that would make GMO labels mandatory.
  1. Is your US Representative a cosponsor of bills in Congress to stop genetically engineered salmon?
  2. Click here to ask your Member of Congress to cosponsor the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act 
  3. Do your state representatives support state bills to label genetically modified foods?
  4. Click here to ask your state legislator to sponsor a GE Food Right to Know Act in your state.
  • Grocery stores that sell unlabeled genetically modified foods.
  1. Top 6 U.S. Food Retailers
  2. Whole Food Market
  3. Trader Joe's
  • Food companies that use genetically modified organisms.
  1. Kraft (includes Back to Nature and Boca Foods)
  2. Kellogg's (includes Kashi and Bear Naked)
  3. Ice Cream Companies (Dreyer's, Edy's, Nestle, Haagen-Dazs, Klondike, Good Humor, Breyer's)
  • Farms that use GMO seeds or growth hormones.
  • Biotech companies.
  1. AquaBounty (fast-growing salmon)
  2. Beijing GenProtein Biotechnology Company ("human breast milk" produced by cows)
  3. Dow (2,4-D-resistant crops)
  4. Eli Lilly (bovine growth hormone)
  5. Monsanto (alfalfa, sugar beets, wheat)
  6. Okanagan Specialty Fruits (non-browning apple)
  7. Syngenta (ethanol-only corn)
  • Companies that promote, invest in, or do business with, the biotech companies.
  1. National Public Radio/American Public Media