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Listen to Ronnie Cummins on Internet Radio--the Meria Heller Show

Ronnie Cummins, National Director of  joins me for the first of our monthly shows dedicated to the work of his group.

Why organic? Why get political?

Is your organic food really organic?

At what cost to the environment?;

the latest fear tactic; spychips, the lies of 9/11; Casting votes for healthier products and voting with your fork; turning your "green self" into a political force; more demand than supply for organics; Walmarts "organic" foods; Fair trade; "Organic Consumers Candidate Survey for 2006"; country of origin labels; 80% reduction in greenhouse gases needed; war and food; greening the US economy; Horizon Milk & Silk organics; Slave labor, destroying the Amazon; "death of the spirit is worse than physical death"; 10,000 years of organic foods, poisons only around 60 yrs; Are you eating chemicals, pesticides, drugged animals, GMO's; 80% of chronic disease in US related to your food/diet; the death of our farmers; each movement needs to adopt stetegic moves of the others;collateral damage of importing organics; PNAC wants to regain control of the internet;LooseChange2 ; dump tv & media for your mental health, tune into the net; 21 million victory gardens after WW2, we can do it again and lots more "stuff".

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"the greatest purveyor of violence on Earth is my own government" - Martin Luther King Jr.