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Cook Organic not the Planet Campaign

Organic Consumers Take Action on Climate Change

TAKE ACTION on climate change!

Industrial agriculture and the globalized food system are responsible for between 44 and 57% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. If the world's farmland was transitioned to organic, it would sequester 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

For the last few years, OCA has been bringing this message to climate change demonstrations. At the 2007 No War! No Warming! demonstration, the 2008 Step It Up! protest, and the 2009 Inauguration, OCA's dancing polar bears performed a hip-hop song demanding, "Jobs in Organic, Wind & Solar! Help the People While We Help the Polar!" We also participated in the Day of Action on Coal Finance, Energy Action Coalition, PowerShift, the Capitol Climate Action, 350, and the N30 Mobilization for Climate Justice.

Most recently, we joined 1Sky and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network for the December 4th Art for the Climate action at the White House. Thank you to all of the OCA activists who sent beautiful banners for use in the action. Your work was photographed by multiple news outlets and used newspapers across the country to illustrate articles about U.S. participation in the Copenhagen talks.

You can see more photos at the Washington Post and Atlanta Journal-Constitution sites.