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Planting Peace: Why Organic Consumers Must Speak Out Against the War & Global Warming

January 21, 2007
Organic Consumers Association
by Ronnie Cummins

Organic farmers and consumers, both U.S. and worldwide, share the same lofty ideal and daunting responsibility of making sure that everyone, as soon as possible, has access to healthy and nutritious organic food, and that the land, water, and climate are nurtured and protected so that we can feed and nourish the future generations. The good news is that 50 million Americans are turning away from energy and chemical-intensive industrial agriculture and starting to buy organic food and products. The bad news is that the White House and Congress are rapidly bankrupting the economy, destroying the climate and the commons, and foreclosing the possibilities for a peaceful, sustainable, and organic future.

By supporting an “America First,” business as usual, foreign policy that basically boils down to an aggressive and violent campaign for global commercial dominance and control over increasingly scarce oil and other non-renewable resources, the administration has all but guaranteed that the next generation will have to struggle for its very survival. While the world’s scientists warn us that time is running out, that we will soon be confronted by disastrous crop failures, food shortages, mass starvation, and climate chaos, Bush and his oil buddies deny there’s a problem. Compounding the crisis, out-of-control politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, continue to allow the White House to wage an illegal and bloody war for oil in Iraq and waste $600 billion a year on military spending, instead of investing this money in greening the economy, planting peace, and stabilizing the climate.

The bottom line is that we must cut off multi-billion dollar subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, corporate agribusiness, and the military-industrial complex, and redirect these billions to detoxify and green the economy, or else there is no future for our children and the future generations. Increased market share for organic and Fair Trade products will provide little consolation in the rapidly approaching era of Peak Oil, Climate Chaos, and nuclear/chemical/biological Armageddon. The annual costs of waging the war in Iraq and maintaining military bases in the Middle East alone are sufficient to launch a crash program to reduce greenhouse gases by 80%, feed the world’s 850 million hungry, and convert the U.S. and global economy to renewable energy and sustainable agricultural practices.

As organic and socially responsible consumers, we must come together to oppose the war in Iraq and to challenge the dangerous and unsustainable cycle of war and militarism that threatens the world. The solution we propose is a negotiated peace, nuclear disarmament, energy independence (for all nations), and a concerted global campaign to reduce and eliminate global poverty, especially rural poverty, through the conversion of agriculture and global commerce to sustainable and organic production.

We come from different political, religious, and social backgrounds, but share a common concern that the living Earth or Creation, must be protected, that the upcoming generations have an inalienable right to a stable climate and that the United States, founded by small farmers and craftsmen/women, must return to the spirit and ideals upon which our Republic was founded.

We strive for a world that reduces the risk of war by eliminating its causes--poverty, control of government and mass media by powerful special interests (the fossil fuel lobby the military-industrial complex, media conglomerates, Big Pharma, corporate agribusiness), environmental degradation, injustice, and religious intolerance. We call for all countries to stop misappropriating their resources on war and to focus instead on fighting hunger, promoting public health, stabilizing the climate, and protecting our common environment and farmlands.

The time has come to move beyond single-issue concerns and to create a great synergy between those movements promoting health, justice, and sustainability. Please join us in building up a powerful new coalition that can stop the war in Iraq, bring about peace in the Middle East, and green the U.S. and global economy. The essential first step in his process is to pressure Congress to cut off all funds for the Iraq war. If war were a product, we'd boycott it, right? So, as Bush comes to Congress asking for more money for war, let’s tell our elected officials: We buy local, organic & fair trade... But we're not buying this war! Write Congress and the President:
And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.
Ronnie Cummins
Organic Consumers Association
National Director

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