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Ronnie Cummins: Gaia Not Guns, A Declaration of Peace & Inter-Dependence

March 13, 2006
Ronnie's Daily Journal
by Ronnie Cummins


Gaia: Named after an ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth, Gaia is the belief and scientific hypothesis that our entire planet is a living organism with Humankind as an integral part.

Farmers and consumers, both U.S. and worldwide, share the unique privilege and daunting responsibility of making sure that everyone is fed, and that the land, water, and climate are nurtured and protected so that we can feed and nourish the future generations.

War and the enormous waste of resources spent in waging war and maintaining a huge military industrial complex, threaten our well-being and the literal survival of our children and the future generations. U.S. taxpayers, for example, are currently supporting a military budget of over $578 billion a year, ($463 billion for ³normal² military spending and $115 billion for the Iraq & Afghan wars)--enough to pay for the cost of eliminating global hunger and stabilizing the global climate. The annual costs of waging the war in Iraq and maintaining military bases in the Middle East alone are sufficient to launch a crash program to reduce greenhouse gases by 75%, feed the world¹s hungry, and convert the U.S. economy to renewable energy and organic and sustainable agricultural practices.

As the world¹s climate scientists and energy analysts warn us, unless we rapidly transfer billions of dollars from the military budget and other corporate welfare programs, and implement a far-reaching global program to eliminate poverty, reduce greenhouse gases, and convert the U.S. and global economy to renewable energy and sustainable production, civilization, as we know it today, may not survive more than a few more decades.

As organic and socially responsible consumers, we come together to oppose the war in Iraq and to challenge the dangerous and unsustainable cycle of war and militarism that threatens our world. The solution we propose is a negotiated peace, nuclear disarmament, energy independence (for all nations), and a concerted global campaign to reduce and eliminate global poverty, especially rural poverty, through the conversion of agriculture and global commerce to sustainable and organic production.

We come from different political, religious, and social backgrounds, but share a common concern that the living Earth or Creation, must be protected, that the upcoming generations have an inalienable right to a stable climate and that the United States, founded by small farmers and craftsmen/women, must return to the spirit and ideals upon which our Republic was founded.

We strive for a world that reduces the risk of war by eliminating its causes--poverty, control of government and mass media by powerful special interests (the fossil fuel lobby and the military industrial complex), environmental degradation, injustice, and religious intolerance. We call for all countries to stop misappropriating their resources on war and to focus instead on fighting hunger, promoting public health, stabilizing the climate, and protecting our common environment and farmlands.

Organic and Socially Responsible Consumers Say No to War and Climate Chaos

Help us build up a national and international network of organic and socially responsible consumers who wish to protect Gaia/Mother Earth, put an end to war and military madness, and green and re-localize the global ecology.

Our group plans to become part of United for Peace and Justice, a coalition of 1300 local and national anti-war groups in the U.S. ( ). Please join us in building up a powerful coalition that brings about cooperation and synergy between the anti-war movement, the climate crisis movement, and the organic community.

Thanks to the Farms Not Arms coalition and for much of the wording and inspiration for this document.

And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into
pruning hooks.