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Update - California Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs

Thanks to everyone who wrote to the Sacramento Bee in response to the hit pieces it published attacking the OCA and the CA Right to Know/Label GMOs ballot initiative coalition. Thanks to your pressure, the Bee finally provided space for a rebuttal from our coalition co-chair Grant Lundberg of Lundberg Family Farms:
Another View: Genetically modifed foods should be labeled

The media tide is turning in our favor, with Marion Nestle writing a pro-labeling article for the San Francisco Chronicle:
Genetically modified labeling is topic of petition

Unfortunately, even in otherwise fair and informative articles, Monsanto's myths about genetic engineering endure. Take, for example, Jason Hoppin's article for the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Food labeling measure draws early cash; Initiative would label genetically modified foods             

Hoppin states, "Typically, a crop's DNA is modified to make it more productive or resistant to pests and disease."

That is not a true statement and should be corrected. GMO crops are not more productive. The Union of Concerned Scientists  collected the data on this in a report called "Failure to Yield." Corn, soy, cotton, canola, alfalfa, and sugar beets have all been modified with engineered DNA that either resist an herbicide or produce a  insecticide. But, insects and weeds quickly take up the altered DNA from the GMO crops through the soil and develop herbicide  and pesticide resistance themselves. These superweeds and  Bt-resistant insects are cited in the farm press daily as a chronic problem facing farmers who grow GMO crops. Also, genetically modified crops are actually more susceptible to disease than normal plants. The truth is, GMO crops are designed to do nothing more than sell herbicides. That they've done successfully; Monsanto's  RoundUp Ready GMO crops have made Monsanto's RoundUp the #1 herbicide.
As coalition leaders wrestle with a press that's been brainwashed by biotech propaganda, our volunteers are on the ground working hard to collect the signatures we need to get this on the ballot. Here's the latest news from the CA Right to Know/Label GMOs ballot initiative coalition:

California Ballot Initiative to Require Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Signature Gathering Efforts Gains Serious Momentum


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