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2018 Mastodon Valley Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

06/16/2018 (All day) to 06/24/2018 (All day)
Driftless Wisconsin
United States

Overview: Humans evolved in savannas – grasslands with scattered trees and grazing mammals – the most diverse, productive, and functional ecosystems on Earth. We believe that savannas offer the ultimate model for healthy, sustainable, and permanent agriculture and food systems in many parts of the planet. As modern humans with unprecedented access to genetic and natural resources, we are capable of designing, planting, and maintaining abundant, beautiful and productive planet-healing ecosystems. Whether you call it farm-scale permaculture or regenerative agriculture, this is a very different type of land management than any since the dawn of agriculture, and requires a new (or very old) way of observing, relating to, and behaving in the natural world……

This 8-day PDC and farm-immersion course will get you up to speed on the ecological theory and practical skills you need to design and manage regenerative agro-ecosystems.

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