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Sustainable/Biodynamic Beekeeper Training

05/24/2018 (All day) to 05/26/2018 (All day)
Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary
401 Hideaway Ln
Floyd, VA
United States

Objectives of this training are to deepen the understanding of the honeybees and the laws of nature, which are the laws of life, in order to arrive at appropriate beekeeping practices able to strengthen the honeybee’s compromised immune system and restore health to the extent that external factors of our environment and
culture permit. The training will go beyond traditional/organic/natural beekeeping methods, and will explore beekeeping methods that will bring us and the Honeybees into the future. A new way of relating to the animal kingdom is dictated by the needs of our times. The overarching goal of healing will lead us into a deeper understanding of the most holistic way of enlivening the landscape and forage for the pollinators: biodynamic agriculture.

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