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“Stinkhose”: They Try To Drive Us Crazy but We Only Get Stronger

I would like to introduce a term and the concept of a “stinkhose.” Stinkhose is a method of trying to break one’s defenses by overwhelming the person’s senses, especially with negative stimulation, beyond the capacity of a human being to process the stink. The method can be used by bullies and mobsters as a military tactic — or it can be a byproduct of “modern times.”

Stinkhose #1: The Speedup

The “speedup” is a type of negative stimulation, perfectly implemented in the soul-eating conveyor. See, “taking time” is a part of our sacred creative process, and artificially speeding us up harms us. Most of us can handle some of that, even for a long time — but not without damage. But then of course, the conveyor wasn’t introduced to make us healthy or happy — it was introduced to make the Machine owners money.