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10 Inspiring Discussions on Improving the Post-COVID Food System From Food Talk Live

Each weekday during the COVID-19 pandemic, food and agriculture expert guests are joining Food Talk Live for discussions on some of the most pressing issues in the food system.

Our live conversations have focused on the resiliency of regional farmers, the importance of speaking out for food justice, and the need to improve wages and working conditions for farm workers and restaurant staff, in addition to many other topics.

Times are hard for many people in our food system, from farmers to grocery store workers to those going hungry. At the same time, the chefs, farmers and growers, entrepreneurs, and advocates who power our food system are working hard to imagine and create a post-COVID food system that’s more sustainable and more equitable and that leaves no one behind.

Food Tank is highlighting 10 conversations from our daily Food Talk Live series that outline a hopeful and inspiring way forward for our global food system.