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10 Keys for Small Farm Success

Here are the ten most identifiable keys to our small farm success. You may be able to finesse one or more of the points. But beware; glossing over any with unrealistic bravado may shower the dream with burning arrows. Our original farm business plan certainly suffered from some arrow holes, as described earlier, but these ten major under lying conditions were either directly met or readily adaptable.

As one considers what to do to make a living on such a two-acre parcel, there are major factors to consider, a screen through which one’s dreams must pass.

The ten key factors we have identified, and discussion of each, follow:

  1. Like-minded partners — mutual support is crucial.
  2. Organic growing — ethics and economics happily coincide.
  3. Keeping it small — a few acres are enough.
  4. A passion for growing — small farms are a labor of love.
  5. Physical ability — are you a willing worker?
  6. Ongoing education — knowledge is the key.
  7. Direct marketing — cut out the middlemen.
  8. Location close to consumers — nearby population is an asset.
  9. Value-added product(s) — two plus two can equal five.
  10. Off-season work options — have a backup skill.

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