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10 Revolutionary Ways School Lunch In America Is Improving (Plus, Healthy School Lunch Ideas)

School lunches in America are known for being unhealthy. However, more and more schools across the country are taking the plates (and health) of their students into their own hands and finding ways to improve the food they serve. Discover 10 ways school lunches are changing for the better — plus, healthy and easy school lunch ideas!

When students go back to school, what will they be eating for lunch?

In America, 30 million students eat midday meals served by schools every day. Every meal looks different, but more often than not, students are eating items like popcorn chicken with dipping sauce, cheese pizza, and fish sticks with mac and cheese.

School lunches typically aren’t fresh or prepared from scratch. Instead, students are often served highly processed foods that are lacking in nutrition. And when fruits and vegetables are available, they’re frequently presented in unappetizing ways.

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