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10 Tomatoes to Grow in Your Container Garden

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I tend to be a bit obsessive about tomatoes. In my summer garden, they are allotted the most space, the sunniest spots, and the beds with the fluffiest soil. And, inevitably, I run out of good garden spots before I run out of tomato plants that need to be planted (this is not how one should plan a garden. It makes sense to have spots for all of the plants you are going to grow. I forget this rule every year when seed buying/trading time arrives.) The result is that I usually have a half-dozen (or more ) tomato plants that need to be planted in pots every year. Here are some of the varieties that have worked well for me, as well as recommendations from other garden writers.

1. 'Japanese Black Trifele'

'Japanese Black Trifele' is tied with 'Brandywine' for my favorite tomato. The fruits are slightly pear-shaped, and turn a gorgeous mahogany color at the shoulders when ripe. The flavor of this heirloom tomato is sweet, complex, and a little smoky - just delicious. The fruit color makes this a nice ornamental as well, and the plants are well behaved as well - one strong stake will support the plant well.

2. 'Sungold'

While my garden generally belongs to heirloom tomatoes, I do plant hybrid 'Sungold' tomatoes every year. The little orange cherry-type tomatoes are sweet and plentiful. One plant will keep a family in cherry tomatoes through most of the summer. They are not hug, sprawling plants, either, so they have done well in containers for me.
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