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A 100% Organic World Is Possible. The Indian State of Sikkim Shows Us How

The Indian state of Sikkim is the first to be certified as fully organic, and is now ready to export its model to the rest of the world. Its delegation told us how all this has been possible.

This journey starts in Sikkim, a small Indian state in the Himalayas, and ends at the FAO in Rome, with an intermediate stop at the Italian Parliament. A journey that promises to go far and last a long time because of the strength of its message and ability to contradict the mantras of the agro-food industry, which has enriched itself by exploiting the environment as well as small and medium-sized local production and citizens’ health: a conversion from traditional to organic agriculture isn’t only possible, but a necessary and more profitable solution for local economies.

The delegation from Sikkim, led by Chief minister Pawan Kumar Chamling, aims to move beyond theory and speculation by exporting a model that has been certified and proven first-hand.

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