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101 Reasons to Be Hopeful about the Future of Food

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Food Tank is highlighting stories of hope, innovation, and success, in creating a better food system. From women's land access in Chad and urban green spaces in Australia to chefs in the United Kingdom and the United States implementing local, sustainable food sourcing--there are hundreds of innovations giving us hope about the future of food.

Food Tank is featuring  101 bright spots in the food system that we hope will inspire eaters, businesses, researchers, scientists, funders, donors and policy makers to create -- and support -- a more sustainable food system.

1. Biologist Roger Leakey's book, Tree of Life, highlights the ability of trees to help feed the planet. Through agroforestry--growing trees along with crops--communities can increase crop productivity and overcome global hunger and poverty, contributing to the livelihoods of more than 1.6 billion people.

2. According to Solar Cookers International, solar ovens help reduce toxic emissions and reduce greenhouse gases, improving both human and environmental health. Solar Cooker at CantinaWest provides resources to find solar cooking classes in 18 states.

3-5. Chefs like Jose Andres, Barton Seaver, and Dan Barber are making headlines for their innovative visions of sustainable food production:

Seaver has evolved from a seven-time restaurateur to an emerging explorer for National Geographic. His restaurant, Hook, was named one of the top eco-friendly restaurants in America for their sustainable fishing practices, by Bon Appetit. Seaver is also the co-author of Foods for Health, which will be released in September.        
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