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16 Health Problems That Improved in Patients Who Switched From GMO to Organic Diets

A new study reveals the harsh reality of a diet filled with genetically modified foods.

A peer-reviewed article released Tuesday in the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and conducted by the Institute for Responsible Technology revealed that the health of all of the participants improved after switching to a non-GMO diet or simply reducing the amount of GMO foods they ate. 

The results, from over 3,250 people, mostly in the United States, closely matched reports by physicians around the nation who have seen similar results when their patients change to largely non-GMO and organic diets. 

Participants reported improvements in 28 conditions; digestive problems was the most often cited at 85.2 percent. The vast majority said their conditions were significantly improved, nearly gone or completely recovered.

Health problems that improved include:

1. Digestive: 85.2%
2. Fatigue, low energy: 60.4%
3. Overweight or obesity: 54.6%
4. Clouding of consciousness, “brain fog”: 51.7%
5. Food allergies or sensitivities: 50.2%
6. Mood problems, such as anxiety or depression: 51.1%
7. Memory, concentration: 48.1%
8. Joint pain: 47.5%
9. Seasonal allergies: 46.6%
10. Gluten sensitivities: 42.2%
11. Insomnia: 33.2%
12. Other skin conditions (not eczema): 30.9%
13. Hormonal problems: 30.4%
14. Musculoskeletal pain: 25.2%
15. Autoimmune disease: 21.4%
16. Eczema: 20.8%
17. Cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressure: 19.8%

This confirms the reports from hundreds of healthcare practitioners and thousands of individuals. When people from all walks of life eat less GMO foods, a significant percentage get better quickly.

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