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2011: The Year of Idaho Food

Northwest Food News is hosting an exciting new collaborative project beginning in January.

2011: The Year of Idaho Food is a grass-roots, year-long, statewide look at the surprising variety of foods grown in Idaho - and not simply focusing on the foods themselves, but also on the social, economic and environmental significance of those foods.

That's a lot to put on one menu.  It's why the Year of Idaho Food is asking for help from individuals and organizations all over the state.  Anyone can contribute stories, photographs, video - anything that explores a connection to food and agriculture in Idaho (find the Submission Guidelines here).  Appropriate grass-roots content will be presented on Northwest Food News and accompanying social networking sites throughout 2011.

Here are some of the groups that have already pledged to participate:

    * The University of Idaho
    * Idaho Preferred
    * Sandpoint Transition Initiative Food Group
    * Idaho's Bounty
    * Rural Roots
    * Slow Foods Teton
    * Idaho Office of Tourism
    * The College of Idaho
    * The Treasure Valley Food Coalition

Since we all eat - and are therefore experts on food in our unique ways - the Year of Idaho Food is eager to have just plain people submit stories and content too.  Farmers, ranchers, restaurateurs, restaurant patrons, gardeners, home cooks, lovers of county fair corn dogs and anyone else who eats and/or grows food in Idaho are welcome to contribute.
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