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3-Ingredient DIY Bug Repellent Spray Recipe

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The mosquitoes are already out in force here in the South, so it's time to break out the bug repellent. But toxic sprays aren't a safe solution for yourself or your family. Try our three-ingredient DIY bug repellent spray recipe for a natural solution.

By using this natural solution instead of common store-bought sprays, you can avoid some of the chemicals in the sprays like DEET and other pesticides.

In the DEET Reregistration Eligibility Decision the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported 14 to 46 cases of potential DEET-associated seizures, including four deaths. The EPA states: "[I]t does appear that some cases are likely related to DEET toxicity." However, since the likely seizure rate is only about one per 100 million users, the EPA still approved the chemical for use on our skin.

Many natural repellents are available in store-bought varieties that use citronella, lemongrass or even geranium oil. But they can be expensive and are actually quite simple to make at home. This recipe is made with easy, natural ingredients: salt, water and essential oils.      
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