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48 Environmental Rules the White House Is Working to Undo

In the latest installment of 'A Death by 1000 Cuts,' a New York TImes analysis lists the Earth-loving rules that Washington is seeking to reverse.

TreeHugger generally stays away from politics; focusing on the green rather than the red, white, and blue. There are political analysts and journalists who can take care of that while we focus on matters of sustainability. But sometimes the two overlap in a way that makes it impossible to ignore. (And strangely enough, those "sometimes" have been occurring more frequently since January 2017.)

This is one of those times. Well actually, it's an ongoing story, but when The New York TImes puts it all together so succinctly, it feels like an event in and of itself.

Reporters Nadja Popovich and Livia Albeck-Ripka have compiled a list of environmental rules that the Trump administration has sought to reverse. It is stunning and exceedingly disconcerting. They write:

"Since taking office in January, President Trump has made eliminating federal regulations a priority. His administration – with help from Republicans in Congress – has often targeted environmental rules it sees as overly burdensome to the fossil fuel industry, including major Obama-era policies aimed at fighting climate change." 

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