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5 Very Good Reasons to Drink Licorice Root Tea

Licorice is something you’ll always find in my grandma’s house. When we suffered from a sore, scratchy throat, she’d always give us a candy. At the time, it seemed like a good trade off to me. As I grew older, I wasn’t exactly a fan of licorice, but my grandma will forever love it. Wherever I travel to, I track down a type of licorice she has never tried before. Most recently, I found a bag of licorice salt water taffy from the east coast of Canada.  

I was always looking in the candy section, until one day, I noticed licorice tea. I was a little taken back by it. After looking into its history and use, I realized that licorice is much more than my grandma’s favorite candy. It can also act as a means to heal — here’s how.

Reasons to drink licorice root tea

Between my English husband and I, we drink a whole lot of tea. He’s more into his traditional “cuppa,” whereas I love herbal teas.

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