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52 countries join 'March against Monsanto'

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Over 400 cities in 52 countries joined the March Against Monsanto yesterday with as many as a million people, or more, joining the global protest.

Yesterday's March Against Monsanto took place in over 400 cities worldwide. A many as a million people are estimated to have joined in the march and other anti-Monsanto protests taking place over 52 countries and 47 US states.

Hundreds of postings on the MAM Facebook page reveal the scale of global anger at Monsanto, with photos of huge demos in Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Ecuador, Australia, Germany, Ghana, India and dozens of cities across the US.

"Monsanto's predatory business and corporate agricultural practices threatens their generation's health, fertility and longevity. MAM supports a sustainable food production system. We must act now to stop GMOs and harmful pesticides", said Tami Monroe Canal, founder of March Against Monsanto.