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58 Percent of Workers at Tyson Meat Factory in Iowa Test Positive for Coronavirus

An Iowa Public Health Department report showed that more than 700 workers contracted the virus at a meat plant in Perry.

More than 700 employees at a Tyson Foods meat factory in Perry, Iowa, have tested positive for the coronavirus as the nation braces for a possible meat shortage due to the pandemic.

An Iowa Department of Public Health report released Tuesday showed that 58 percent of the factory's workforce had tested positive for the virus, NBC affiliate WHO of Des Moines reported. Authorities said late last week that nearly 900 workers were confirmed to have the virus at a Tyson Foods plant in Indiana.

Tyson Foods said in a statement that the pandemic has forced the company to slow production and close plants in Dakota City, Nebraska, and Pasco, Washington, along with the Perry plant.

"We have and expect to continue to face slowdowns and temporary idling of production facilities from team member shortages or choices we make to ensure operational safety," the statement said.