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'The 7-Eleven of Organic Foods'

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A local organic restaurant is adding an online delivery service.

Kathleen Richardson, owner of Urban Farmhouse Market and Cafe, hopes to offer convenience and a variety of products to customers with "Organics to Go," an online organic food co-op.

The service will be an extension of Urban Farmhouse - her Shockoe Slip restaurant/coffee shop - where people will be able to order products normally served at the restaurant and pick them up at the new store or have them delivered to their office or brought to their car.

"It will be kind of like the 7-Eleven of organic foods," Richardson said. "It's all about convenience."

Instead of searching grocery stores for organic or natural foods, people will be able to shop online for the items they need, and they can buy in bulk.

"It's for the loyal customer that wants to eat healthier, especially those interested in bulk items or items that are difficult to find," Richardson said.

The business signed a lease on an empty space in the same building.

The idea was in the works from the beginning of the Urban Farmhouse.

"When I was developing the concept, I knew there would be a marketing component for this. I wanted to offer the foods people are already enjoying and a place to buy them," said Richardson.

The concept sprung from her experience with Organic Food Depot, an organic and natural food supplier that has several locations in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

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