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7 Ingredients to Avoid in 2018 and Always

We are blessed with a vast variety of choices in our lives, from food and clothing to home, office, and personal health products. But along with all the choice comes a responsibility to make wise, informed decisions—which means we need to recognize ingredients in these items that may be harmful to our health.

Since the number of toxic ingredients is so vast, we’ll limit our list to some of the more common culprits. Some are found in foods and beverages while others are lurking in clothing, personal care products, medications and supplements, household cleaning items, and everyday products. Some ingredients can be found in more than one category.

That said, here is our list of ingredients to avoid in 2018—and always.

Artificial anything. This could include ingredients such as colors, flavors, or sweeteners. While the word “artificial” doesn’t always mean harmful, it’s a red flag when we’re talking about products we put into our bodies.