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99% of Breast Cancer Patients Have Parabens in Their Body

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    New research has detected the presence of paraben esters in 99 percent of breast cancer tissues sampled.

 The study examined 40 women who were being treated for primary breast cancer.

 In 60 percent of cases, five of the different esters were present.

 Parabens are chemicals with estrogen-like properties, and estrogen is one of the hormones involved in the development of breast cancer.

 The study notes that :

     "Variation was notable with respect to individual paraben esters, location within one breast and similar locations in different breasts.

     Overall median values in nanograms per gram tissue for the 160 tissue samples were highest for n-propylparaben and methylparaben; levels were lower for n-butylparaben, ethylparaben  and isobutylparaben...

     The source of the paraben cannot be identified, but paraben was measured in the 7/40 patients who reported never having used underarm cosmetics in their lifetime."

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