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Action Alert: Texas Raw Milk and Local Foods Bills go to Hearing Wednesday

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Action alert: Raw Milk and Local Foods Bills go to hearing

The House Public Health Committee will hear the raw milk bill, cottage foods bill, and local foods omnibus bill on Wednesday, April 20.

We need your help!

Please make plans to join us at the Capitol on Wednesday.  We need a large turnout to let the Committee members know the level of public support for these bills.  You don't have to testify to be heard - you can have a powerful impact just by being there and filling out a card in favor of the bills.

Our goal is to have a room packed with raw milk and local foods supporters, but to keep the testimony short so that we respect the legislators' time and the need for them to also hear the other twenty bills on the agenda for the day.  Remember, by filling out the card at the hearing, you will be listed as a witness in support of the bill, whether or not you testify.  If you wish to testify, please plan to keep your comments to no more than 3 minutes - and shorter is even better.  Focus on why this issue is so important to you and key facts.  If you are a constituent of one of the Committee members, be sure to mention that fact.

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