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Activism in the Digital Age: Who Is Technology Leaving Out?

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Those dumb debates keep happening: Is the Internet good or bad for activists? Does Twitter cause revolutions or not? We know they're dumb, but we keep having them - which is why Astra Taylor's new book, " The People's Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age," is so welcome.

"The People's Platform" seems to be about technology, and you should read it if you're interested in technology, but it is actually about what (and whom) technology leaves out. It is about putting technology in its place - by confronting the increasing tendency to cherish freedom of information over the freedom of workers to organize, by refusing to celebrate digital "disruptions" when the cost is paid by the most vulnerable people among us, by questioning the tendency among activists to judge their impact by retweets and likes.

Astra Taylor grew up unschooled, and she has been learning by doing in public ever since. She created two films featuring leading political philosophers, "Zizek!" and "Examined Life." She helped produce a print gazette for Occupy Wall Street and  co-edited the book that came out of it; through Occupy's Rolling Jubilee campaign, she played a key role in stirring a much-needed national discussion about debt resistance. We caught up to discuss her new book while she's on the road with the band Neutral Milk Hotel.     
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