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Advocates Ask FTC to Investigate Tyson Foods' Claims

Nonprofits argue that Tyson's website, advertising mislead consumers with claims of all-natural products, animal welfare and environmental standards.

Three organizations that advocate for safe food, a healthy environment and animal welfare have asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Tyson Foods' advertisements for misleading claims regarding its chicken products.

The Organic Consumers Association, Animal Equality and Food & Water Watch submitted a joint complaint earlier this month. Last year, the three sued Tyson for misleading claims on its chicken labels. That case is in the preliminary stages.

Tyson's claims of its chickens being raised in a natural, environmentally responsible and humane way take advantage of consumers' desire for meat products that are "free of unnatural substances and produced sustainably and humanely," Ronnie Cummins, international director of the Organic Consumers Association, said in a released statement. "We look to the FTC for oversight and enforcement to protect consumers against deceptive product claims."