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Affordable Organic Food Is Finally a Reality!

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Whether it be due to lack of accessibility or high cost, many Americans struggle to buy high-quality, organic food. But a new socially conscious company is on a mission to bring the best organic, non-GMO foods to families across the country - for as much as 60% below the retail cost and with free delivery!

Endorsed by the Organic Consumers Association, NaturalNews and the Institute for Responsible Technology, Green PolkaDot Box is rapidly gaining ground in the organic industry as the new "it" startup. And Live in the Now is proud to support Green PolkaDot Box as a founding trust member.

Founder and CEO, Rod Smith, is passionate about healthy living, "clean" organic food, fighting for labeling of GMO foods and eliminating the "organic food deserts" that exist in many parts of the country. His mission to make organic, non-GMO foods accessible and affordable for more Americans has been a long time in the making. With Green PolkaDot Box's anticipated October 2011 launch, the world of natural health couldn't be more excited!

To launch, Green PolkaDot Box will be offering a wide variety of grocery staples and dry goods such as cereals, pastas and pasta sauces, soups, nuts, seeds, grains and beans from some of the top natural foods brands in the country. But what's even more exciting is what's on the horizon. They are currently in the process of initiating a plan to work with farmers to bring you locally grown produce 24-48 hours after it's harvested. Fresh produce, as well as meat and dairy products, are expected to become available towards the end of their first year.

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