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The Agribusiness Alliance for a Green Revolution Failed Africa

Research by Tim Wise (GDAE-Tufts University) is conclusive and fully resonates with claims by Africa’s biggest grassroots movement, The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa: the corporate capture of food systems should be rejected. Donors and governments must shift to agroecology.

Timothy A. Wise: One of the things that we are really pleased about, about the the book, is the title: Eating Tomorrow. The double meaning captures the real essence of what I was trying to communicate. Which is that humanity does indeed face a continuing challenge to ensure that everyone can eat today. And climate change makes that challenge all the more daunting about making sure everyone can eat tomorrow.

But the way we are producing our food on chemical intensive, industrial scale farms is quite literally devouring the natural resources – the seeds, the land, the soil, the climate, the water – on which future food production depends.

By continuing and now even expanding such unsustainable production methods we are eating our collective tomorrows. And the powers that be far from shifting away from that kind of a damaging farming model are instead promoting evermore industrial scale agriculture.