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AgriSecure’s 'Boots on the Ground' Experience Helps Farmers Transition to Organic

Organic advisory service helps farmers overcome the challenges of growing organic

Transitioning to organic farming can be a major challenge for farmers. The three-year transition period presents a big hurdle that requires adopting a completely new farming system without chemical inputs, purchasing new equipment for organic farming, and finding markets for transitional and certified organic crops.

But an organic advisory service started by organic farmers has emerged to help farmers make the transition. AgriSecure, based in Arlington, Nebraska, is guiding a growing number of farmers in the U.S. to make the switch to organic.

“For farmers, by farmers”

“The motivation for starting AgriSecure was trying to help more farmers in the U.S. take advantage of what organics can do for their farms,” says Steve Sinkula, AgriSecure CEO, and one of the company’s founders.

AgriSecure’s other three founders, Bryce Irlbeck, J.P. Rhea, and Amy Bruch, are all fifth generation farmers who had transitioned to organic production.