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Americans Are Eating More Organic Food Than Ever, Survey Finds

Americans are buying more organic food and household products than ever, according to a new survey.

The research — released Wednesday by the Organic Trade Association, the nation’s leading organic industry group — offers a glimpse into how the market is developing and where there is the greatest demand for organic products.

Sales of organic food and goods crested at $47 billion in 2016, an increase of more than 8 percent over the previous year.

And while there are a growing number of organic personal care and household products on the market, food still accounts for the vast majority of all organic sales, with $43 billion last year. Organic food now boasts more than 5 percent of the nation’s total food sales.

Consumers choose organic food for a variety of reasons, but health and environment often top the list.

'Polling shows the No. 1 reason people go organic is to avoid pesticides, chemicals and all of those things that are not allowed in organics,' said Katherine Paul, associate director of Minnesota-based Organic Consumers Association. 'So I think you are looking at a better-educated population that is connecting the dots between what they eat and their health.'

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