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Americans Must Not Permit Another Weaponized Pandemic

Cohosted by NHF lobbyists Alex Landry & Charlie Frohman

with Guests:

Stuart Burns, Chief of Staff, Congressman Posey

Alexis Baden-Mayer, counsel, Organic Consumers Association

Lee Merritt, former surgeon member, Navy Research Advisory Committee

Scott Tips, President & General Counsel, NHF

Abolish Biolab Weaponization and create an independent Commission to investigate Public Health Regulatory Capture

Two years into the pandemic declared early in 2020, with Johns Hopkins declaring a million deaths by March of 2022 (regardless how inflated that figure was from faulty testing and hospital over-reporting incentives as testified by former Centers for Disease Control Director Redfield), Congress still has not brought to justice the COVID-19 perps, has not interrogated any probable corruption in the science misused to justify government countermeasures, nor has Congress permanently banned biolab weaponization of viruses and other pathogens.

This must change: Congress must abolish pathogenic weaponization and pass Congressman Posey’s H.R. 834 to investigate the government's COVID-19 response -- to expose and end Public Health regulatory capture.

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