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Americans Saying No to Water Fluoridation: 5 Fluoride-Free Victories in 2014

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Study after study confirms that fluoride is a dangerous, toxic poison that bioaccumulates in your body while being ineffective at preventing dental decay  yet it continues to be added to many municipal water supplies in the US.

Yet even as we continue on with this more than six decades-old debate, I have encouraging news from the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) to share.

More Americans are wising up to the risks of water fluoridation, and they're using their votes to keep this fertilizer-industry byproduct out of their drinking water (the fluoride added to municipal water supplies is a toxic byproduct from the fertilizer industry-a rarely discussed fact!).

5 Fluoride-Free Victories to Celebrate Already in 2014

Despite compelling scientific evidence against the practice, the US still lags far behind other nations in acknowledging the mistake of water fluoridation and ending this tragic "public health" measure.

As a result, individual communities around the US have taken up the fight to end water fluoridation in their own local areas. Around the world, even more countries are also opting to go fluoride-free. The latest fluoride-free victories include:1

1. Wellington, Florida: After hours of debate and testimony from medical experts and residents, council members voted to end 14 years of fluoridation. A number of pro-fluoride dentists are unfortunately working to overturn the council's vote, but it's still a victory for now. FAN reported:

"Ultimately, a majority of councilors agreed that citizens shouldn't be forced to ingest an unnecessary chemical in the public drinking water supply."

2. Amherst County, Virginia: The Service Authority Board voted to discontinue fluoridation because of conflicting opinions on what constitutes "optimal" levels of fluoride. According to FAN, "Several Board Supervisors felt that the additive was unnecessary and a waste of resources."

3. Woodsville, Oregon: The Woodsville City Council was considering adding fluoride to the city's drinking water, but after polling residents found that 100% of respondents were against it. They have since ended their fluoridation discussions.

4. Sebastopol, California: City Councilors voted unanimously against fluoridation in Sonoma County because of concerns the fluoride could leach into their groundwater from surrounding communities, putting residents at risk.

5. Bantry, Ireland: Town Councilors voted unanimously for an immediate end to fluoridation throughout Ireland.

So far in 2014, it looks like the trend against water fluoridation that started in recent years is gaining speed. In 2013, fluoridation was rejected by voters in Wichita, Kansas and Portland, Oregon. Israel also announced it will end its mandatory fluoridation program, and Ireland even proposed legislation that would make water fluoridation a criminal offense!             
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