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ANH Feature: Planet in Crisis - Looking Beyond Climate Change

Do you tend to opt for herbs or food supplements before popping pharmaceuticals in your bid to stay healthy?

Given you’re reading this on our website, you’re likely already sold on the idea of natural health. So I’ll speculate that your answer to this question is probably a resounding ‘yes’.

But if you’re like many dietary supplement users, it may be that you’re not yet sold on the idea that the natural, non-human environment is in deep crisis. You may feel that all the hype around climate change and the perilous state of our planet is yet another ruse to install globalised systems of control that will strip us of our rights.

A natural paradox

In this piece, I’m going to take you on something of a personal journey that includes perspectives I have developed over the last 40 years of my professional life, trying to understand and figure out solutions to some of the biggest environmental, agricultural and health challenges of our era.