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Anonymous Targets Biotech Giant Monsanto with Database Raid

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The Anonymous collective has staged an indirect  attack on the Monsanto corporation by publishing material related to the agricultural biotech company's database on Pastehtml.

In December 2011, Anonymous targeted the Bivings Group, which handles PR for Monsanto, following a previous assault on the corporation.

The hacktivists initially attacked Monsanto in July 2011 over the company filing lawsuits against a number of organic dairy farmers, who had labelled their products as not containing growth hormones, which the corporation used to manufacture.

On that occasion, Anonymous released the contact details of 2,500 Monsanto employees.

The new attack was announced by YourAnonNews, who tweeted: "HACKED: Monsanto pwnt once more by # Anonymous - Old DB lifted and leaked |"

The collective published a statement on Pastehtml, accompanied by rapper B Dolan performing a song that draws on fellow rapper Jay-Z's Lucifer, along with the contents of a long list of email messages hacked earlier from the Bivings Group.

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