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Anti-Coal Activists to Focus on Actions During the First 100 Days of the Obama Administration

From January 31st to April 30th, anti-coal activists all over North America are engaging in public visible actions and educational activities about the need to end the destructive mining and burning of coal for electrical generation and to demand clean, renewable wind, solar and geothermal power to draw down carbon and stabilize Earth’s climate.

In the effort to chase after the last carload of coal, the Carbon Barons must dig ever deeper by means of dangerous retreat mining out West, setting off seismic activity and causing deadly collapses of the every more weighty overburden. In the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming, they engage in the ruthless strip mining of coal and the drilling of coal bed methane that results in degraded water, wildlife habitat and human lives, especially on tribal lands. As shaft mines in the East have become exhausted, they have turned to the brutal removal of entire mountaintops, blasting streams and hollows where families have lived and worked for generations, clean out of existence. This highly mechanized form of destruction actually provides few jobs for Appalachian miners. Those who have toiled for years underground and are now retired, have been thrown onto the scrap heap by mine owners and left to languish and die from black lung disease. Let’s face it, from cradle to grave, COAL KILLS in more ways than one. Along with the vast destruction of alpine forests, mountain-top removal leaves enormous ponds filled with toxic coal ash sludge. By now, you have probably heard of the sludge pond that broke out of its unregulated dam, gushed into the Tennessee River Valley and caused a massive fish kill and the destruction of homes, farms and roadways over a 400-acre expanse on December 22nd. The poisonous brew is rife with extremely toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, barium, chromium and manganese. Considering the potentially devastating impacts upon human and animal life, those responsible should have criminal charges brought against them. Yet, what, pray, is the new Obama EPA and Justice Department doing about it?

We urge you to go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign the petition under the heading “Save Coal River Mountain Today!” The people in this West Virginia community are trying to stop Massey Energy from destroying their beloved mountain. Please support their struggle. When you click on to sign the petition, you may view a video at about the effort to stop Massey. Power Past Coal also has two videos, one about the struggle of the Navajo Nation in Four Corners to halt yet another filthy coal-fired power plant being built on their land, the other about the launching of the Power Past Coal Campaign. We urge you to take action today.

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