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The Question Isn't Whether We're Approaching an Agricultural Disaster. It's How Often They'll Happen.

Farming becomes very hard if your brand-new heavy-duty piece of farm machinery gets picked up and tossed across the fields like a child's balloon.

First, tariffs. Then, massive flooding, including the phenomenon of inland icebergs. Then, continued flooding. And now, tornadoes. And it's still planting season. The country's farmers are not having a good spring. From the Kansas State University News Service:

Kansas State University cropping systems specialist Ignacio Ciampitti says this spring’s conditions have been particularly vexing for the state’s corn and soybean growers, and it may cause many of them to re-think their management strategies. “One of the main issues we are facing today is simply planting the crop,” Ciampitti said. “For those that planted in mid- to late-April, they may be facing a problem due to the temperatures not being as high as expected for this time of year. And in some areas, there was quite a bit of rain, so the crop is having to respond to two factors – temperature and water.” In areas where there was excess rain, some corn fields had standing water, Ciampitti said, causing that crop to grow slowly. “What we will start seeing after the water recedes, in some situations, is that those plants will start dying,” he said.

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