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Are There Safer and Healthier Alternatives to Root Canals?

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Viper venom is an efficient killer. Its swirls of toxic proteins multitask. Some paralyze the nervous system of the victim by blocking nerve-to-muscle messages. Others can misdirect messenger hormones, dissolve tissues, or make blood so sticky the resulting clots stop the heart, or thin it to the point that the victim quickly bleeds out.

Just as surely, dead or dying human teeth can harbor similarly lethal agents working on at least as many levels throughout your body. The sophisticated multi-level attack of oral microbes, their metabolic waste products, and their interaction with dental materials can similarly give rise to an immune system crash, which can manifest in a multitude of disguises. Is a root canal procedure a gamble you really want to take?

Economics versus Health: There Is Always a Price

The complexity of interactions and time delay before oral toxins express noticeable symptoms, compared to fast-acting snake venom, work well for the institution of dentistry and dental insurance companies, but it does not bode well for you.

Institutions are by nature invested in the status quo. The insurance industry's business model is no different from most other business models - it values their bottom line over your health. We are left on our own to tease out root causes of disease.

It is only after the scare of cancer, the exhaustion of chronic fatigue, a nervous system derailment causing Parkinson's tremors, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or Bell's Palsy, or even autoimmune issues such as lupus or ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), that some people make the difficult decision to consider a "dental revision" to help their body recover.       
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