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'Are You Ready for a Fight?': In Fiery Speech, Sanders Rallies Opposition to Trump Supreme Court Pick

"Let us be clear," Sanders warns, "Kavanaugh will be a rubber-stamp for an extreme, right-wing agenda pushed by corporations and billionaires."

"I'm not going to kid anybody. This is a tough fight, but it is a fight we can win."

So declared Sen. Bernie Sanders late Monday night at a rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court after President Donald Trump announced his nomination of far-right Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacant seat on the nation's highest court.

"Are you ready for a fight?" Sanders asked the crowd. "Are you ready to defend Roe vs. Wade? Are you ready to tell the Supreme Court that we think it's absurd that they give constitutional rights to billionaires to buy elections and then tell women they don't have the constitutional right to control their own bodies?"

In a statement and on social media, Sanders warned that Kavanaugh sits way outside the mainstream and said that Democrats in the Senate—backed by people and grassroots efforts nationwide—must now mobilize to make sure he is never granted a lifetime seat on the court.

"Let us be clear," Sanders said in his statement, "Kavanaugh will be a rubber-stamp for an extreme, right-wing agenda pushed by corporations and billionaires. The coming Senate debate over the replacement of retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is about the future of Roe v. Wade , campaign finance reform, voting rights, workers' rights, health care, climate change, environmental protection and gun safety."

He concluded, "I do not believe a person with [Kavanaugh's] views should be given a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. We must mobilize the American people to defeat Trump’s right-wing, reactionary nominee."

Posted with permission from Common Dreams.

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