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As Pandemic Drags On, Consumers Seeking Health Drive Record Natural & Organic Sales as Retailers Adapt To Change

More than five months have passed since the nation and world have come under the grip of the coronavirus.

Today, as Covid-19 continues to surge throughout the U.S., we wait in lines to get into stores, wear face coverings (well, at least most of us), follow floor markers to help ensure social distancing, and shop quickly to get in and out with our groceries.

The days of browsing, sampling product, and being entertained by large merchandising displays and the “theater of food” have made way in large part for safety and efficiency as consumers change their shopping behavior in brick and mortar stores, and increasingly turn to options including online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery.

One thing is for sure, though. The coronavirus crisis is bringing out better eating habits, based on recent sales data, as Americans seek to improve their health and immunity, and as core natural and organic consumers double down on healthy, clean food to help ensure the health and safety of their families during these “safer at home” times.