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Baby Formula Testing Project Seeking Volunteers - Free Testing to Be Provided to 20 Families

Baltimore, MD - NaturalCheck, a company dedicated to helping people ensure that food is healthy, safe and natural, is looking for 20 volunteers to provide samples of milk-based baby formula for testing.  The project will look for the presence of antibiotics given to dairy cows but not allowed in milk products.

"News of baby formula contaminated with melamine last year made us wonder if there are other chemicals in milk and milk products," said Larry Bohlen, President of NaturalCheck. "With the help of volunteers, we aim to make a contribution to food safety while learning more about rapid testing for antibiotics."

Scientists are concerned that antibiotics in milk could cause bacteria resistant to the same antibiotics used to treat people. If people are exposed to these bacteria, effective treatments would be harder for doctors to find.  Antibiotics in milk are therefore regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The FDA reports that antibiotics are rarely found in milk at the retail level.  The testing project aims to confirm these findings and to establish the effectiveness of testing milk-based baby formula.

The company is seeking volunteers to send samples of baby formula because there are many brands and it would be difficult to acquire them all without the help of people across the country. In return, testing will be conducted for free and results will be shared with volunteers.

Volunteers will find a list of formula brands online at:

Volunteers may email or call 1-888-680-7969 to offer their samples for use in the project.

NaturalCheck develops and distributes rapid, easy-to-use test kits to help provide food safety answers. NaturalCheck applies medical technology to food safety so everyone - from moms to scientists - can test today for a healthier tomorrow.