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Bad Flu Shots and Worse: Self-Amplifying mRNA for Vaccines and Drugs

For the tidy sum of $499.00, you can buy the STAT report on the future of mRNA drugs and vaccines. Below is a free teaser from the report, written by a Stanford PhD who still gets some important things wrong, such as his second sentence. The mRNA has been found months later in some peoples’ blood and tissue.

I am posting this mainly to warn readers that the mRNA platform, which has given us so-called vaccines that are a disaster, and which after a few months increase your susceptibility to COVID (the negative efficacy problem that occurs after 2 months in 5-11 year olds and after 6-8 months in adults) is being expanded to produce not only vaccines, but also drugs.

The final paragraph below tells you that an Australian company, CSL Sequirus, will license the technology to you for a tidy sum starting at $200 million.