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Beautycounter CEO Wants More Regulation for Safer Products

There's been a lot of talk about reducing regulation across industries, but in the beauty and personal care products industry, there's one company advocating for more. Beautycounter CEO and founder Gregg Renfrew joined Kai Ryssdal to talk about why she founded a "clean" product company and why it combines sales with advocacy. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. 

Gregg Renfrew: At Beautycounter, we believe that there is a need for change at the at the federal level. We have not updated a major federal law governing this $62 billion industry since 1938. The legislation is about one and half pages long —

Kai Ryssdal: — Really? For the whole?

Renfrew: Yep. And it doesn't require the manufacturers of product to disclose all of the ingredients, so you may buy something that says all natural or botanical or pure, but it may be none of the above, and so consumers are misled by companies today.

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