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Berkeley To Be First US City To Ban Junk Food and Candy in Grocery Checkout Aisles

The city of Berkeley, California, is trying to make its residents healthier. 

As part of a health initiative, Berkeley is getting ready to become the first city in the US to require large grocery stores to stop selling junk food and candy in checkout aisles. The new rule is expected to go into effect March 2021. 

The "Healthy Checkout Ordinance" was unanimously approved by Berkeley's City Council. It requires stores over 2,500 square-feet in size to sell at least 25 square-feet of healthy items within a three-foot radius of checkout registers.

So now instead of candy and soda and other high calories items, shoppers can expect to see fresh fruit and whole grain alternatives at checkout counters. "Placement of unhealthy snacks near a register increases the likelihood that customers will purchase these foods and drinks when willpower is weak at the end of a long shopping trip," City Council member Kate Harrison said.

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